Julie van der Veen in 1927

Montadet (F) and Voorschoten (NL),


Dear art lover,


Welcome to our virtual museum room dedicated to the life and work of artist Julie van der Veen, painter from The Hague who has used her life to serve painting and has led an eventful life in both France and the Netherlands.


Although she received a lot of admiration in France during her work period, the appreciation for her work in the Netherlands was modest.


Whether the latter is justified, you can judge the best. We hope that this web site gives you enough information for this.


If you own one or more works from her, we would appreciate it if you contact us. You will find our contact details at the end of the website.


A lot of fun reading about her life and watching her work!


Dorothé Bijl and Aad van Meerkerk

Narcisse Bornau and Herman Vollenbroek

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