Marc Vaux

The Parisian photographer Marc Vaux (1895-1971) has captured much of the art world in his time in black and white photographs. The Bibliothèque Kandinsky of the Centre Pompidou in Paris has more than 120,000 of his glass plates.


The first photo below shows Marc Vaux himself, in the studio of André Lhote, the artist with whom Julie van der Veen took lessons for years.


The other images are photos of Julie's work. Unfortunately, further information about the paintings, such as dimensions, year and title is lacking, and the current location is also unknown. Given the style and the fact that Julie stayed mainly in The Hague after 1960, it is probably work from the period 1955-1960.

Centre Pompidou/MNAM-CCI/Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Fonds Marc Vaux.