The Ebbens collection


Until recently it was very hard to find any information about the versatile artist Julie van der Veen. There was little on the internet and regrettably there was only a very short item about her in the Pieter Scheen art dictionary. But now, finally, thanks to the efforts of Narcisse & Herman and Dorothé & Aad, this has changed for good!


By discovering this wonderful website, we suddenly found a tremendous amount of information about her life and work. A very fascinating life, that was not always a bed of roses and in which she made her unique artworks. She mastered many techniques and made oil, watercolor, pastel and graphic works. What makes Julie’s art so special? It is her use of color, composition and the shapes she chooses; everything looks just right in Julie’s artworks. You simply cannot take your eyes from it and it keeps you fascinating. She paints oils and watercolors of figures, landscapes, still lifes and abstractions in her own unique style.


Canvases with a typical Mediterranean atmosphere in which you feel the summer sun, or paintings of drawing room images in The Hague, Julie brings them to life by using her intense color palettes and her superb use of light and shadow.


It is great to see where the final design of her paintings was based on, because her sketchbooks were so well preserved. We were very surprised to see the study of paintings we have for many years, received through this website. Many thanks to Narcisse Bornau and Herman Vollenbroek!


Some 20 years ago we discovered Julie’s art for the first time in the former art gallery of Ien and Henk van Asten in The Hague. We could always rely on this energetic and friendly couple for sound advice on art matters (and a good cup of coffee). They were both very excited about Julie’s art, as were their customers. Julie’s art sold very well. We gladly gave up a few summer vacations to acquire some of Julie’s paintings.


It is our greatest wish that more people will love and appreciate Julie’s art. And if you are the proud owner of one of her works of art, we would be most grateful if you please let us know via the website. 


The Ebbens family, The Hague